1 hour Talks

Mindfulness has many proven benefits for health and well-being. We live in a high speed world of over-stimulation and learning about Mindfulness and Meditation is a step towards finding peace in this frantic environment.  Talks can be booked for private organizations.  Payment negotiable.

Introduction to MSC

What is Mindful Self Compassion?

This talk will cover the scientifically proven skills and benefits learned through mindful self compassion practices. There will be an activity and a practice from the MSC course introduced as well. If you have heard about classes being offered on the island and want to find out more this is a good time to get more information.


Mindfulness and the Monkey Mind

An introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness had been a buzz word for quite a few years now, but what is it exactly, and how do you practice it? This talk will give a brief introduction to mindfulness and common obstacles, with a bit of practice thrown in as well. Mindfulness can be the basis to a happier and more balanced life.

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The Science of Self Compassion and Self Criticism

How does our brain affect the way we treat ourselves?

; Self Compassion and Self Criticism are based in deeply ingrained systems of our brain. It is not our fault that we tend to criticize ourselves when failures happen, but we can take responsibility and change the way we interact with this inner critic/manipulator.  An overview of the systems present in our brains that can lead to self-criticism, and how we can begin to change the balance of these systems will be included, as well as a practice from the MSC course.


Self-Compassion and Self Esteem

Why self-compassion is better for our self-image.

What is the difference between self-compassion and self-esteem, and how can we move towards self-acceptance.  These topics will be examined in light of information on research and the presentation of some exercises and tools that could benefit our relationship with self-esteem and self-compassion.

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Resilience and Caring Fatigue

Preventing Burnout

We are all caregivers to some extent, even if not in a professional capacity, so this talk is for everyone.  The differences between empathy and compassion, the pain of connection, and caregiver fatigue will all be presented. We examine resilience in these situations with a look at self-compassion and equanimity. At least one self-compassion practice will be included in this presentation.

Rocks of Balance

Mindfulness and the end of suffering

What causes suffering?

Why do we suffer? How can Mindfulness help us alleviate suffering? Mara Elwood will discuss how resistance can cause suffering, and introduce the benefits of mindfulness and compassion for putting an end to this resistance. Leaning in to our difficulties can actually help us get through them with more ease. This talk includes at least one exercise and a meditation for working with suffering and resistance.

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Happiness through Gratitude

Wisdom in action.

Human beings have a negativity bias that stems from the need for survival and always being aware of problems. In order to balance this out, and find more happiness we need to cultivate positive mind practices. Gratitude is one of the wisdom practices that lets us tap into our own happiness. This talk will touch on several wisdom practices that cultivate happiness.