te whakatere i te  āwhā : navigate the storm : Mindful Self-Compassion for Teens

An adaptation of the MSC program for Teens

Dr. Karen Bluth and Lorraine Hobbs adapted the MSC program and called it Making Friends with Yourself (MFY). This program helps teens learn to manage difficult emotions through the challenges of their teen years.

I have renamed the program and am adapting it for the New Zealand culture. When faced with a storm the Maori would do everything to safely ride it out, and then would reassess and start again to move towards where they were going.  Ultimately, this is exactly what MSC teaches, we must allow ourselves time for self-care and support when life is rough, and then we can safely ride out the rough patches and make it to the other side. Re-navigating when we can, doing the best we can to stay afloat.

Mindfulness helps teens cultivate skills of self-awareness and emotional resilience. Self-compassion helps them respond to the challenges they face with greater kindness and self-care. This leads to decreases in depression, anxiety, perceived stress, negative affect, aggression, and narcissism; and increases in life satisfaction, self esteem. sense of community, social connectedness, curiosity/exploration, and resilience.

Have a look at the video one of the teachers of the program in Canada made below for more information. 



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