Guided Meditations

All my meditations can be found on my Soundcloud account, or click on the listen buttons below.

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Affectionate Breath Meditation

One of the core meditations taught in MSC.  20 minutes long.

Setting an Intention

Setting an intention that is in line with our values can be a very powerful way to connect with our inner most wishes.  This is a short 10 minute meditation to invite you to live deeply in tune with your values.

Today I am grateful to share a gorgeous sunrise with my hubby😊
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Loving Kindness For a Loved One Meditation

Adapted from traditional Loving-kindness Meditation to be another core meditation for the MSC program.  Encouraging kindness towards another and then inviting ourselves into the circle of loving kindness. 15 minutes long.

Giving and Receiving Compassion

Another core meditation for MSC. The invitation is to bring compassion to ourselves and others in an easy flow depending on our needs in the moment. 20 minutes long.

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Loving Kindness for Ourselves

This Meditation is also a core meditation for MSC.  It is set up to be used by those that have developed their own phrases for practicing loving kindess for themselves, or are developing these phrases. Approximately 15 minutes long.

Compassionate Body Scan

Bringing compassionate awareness to gradually to our whole body. 40 minutes long.


Breathing with Yin and Yang Energies

Using the breath to connect to our Yin and Yang energies and potentially balance them in our body. 18 minutes.