Mara Elwood (BA, B Ed., MA Ed.)

Waiheke Island and Auckland, NZ

Mara is a New Zealand based Mindfulness and Meditation teacher and artist.   
Mara is certified in Mindful Self-Compassion teaching and teaches regular classes and workshops in MSC, Mindfulness and Meditation on Waiheke and in Auckland for both adults and teens. She also gives talks, and offers workshops to teachers, and health care professionals, or one-to-one coaching in meditation, mindfulness, and compassion. She believes that presenting mindfulness, meditation, and compassion training in a secular way, may enhance their availability and reach in the world.
Mara has studied Vipassana and Transcendental Meditation, and received training in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and Non-violent Communication (with Marshal Rosenberg), she also completed training in MSC for teens and Activity-based Mindfulness for Children.  She regularly attends 10-day residential mediation retreats in New Zealand and abroad, committed to continuing her growth in Mindfulness and Meditation. Mara holds a Master of Arts degree in teaching and has taught a wide variety of ages. She is currently studying to receive a Master's degree in Arts Therapy.
Mara immigrated to New Zealand from Canada in 2014 with her partner and two teen boys.  Her family lives in Auckland after spending 5 years based on Waiheke Island.

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About the Logo

Design by Gaia Rowntree

The  logo on the page was designed in consultation with Gaia Rowntree. The lotus flower is universally recognized as the flower of compassion, the three seeds representing the three facets of MSC; Kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness. The stem of the lotus ends in a Koru shape, a Maori symbol for rebirth and new life, change and balance. It also symbolizes the way that progress and acceptance are not linear, but rather circular or spiral processes.



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